Tecan Carrier, MTP384

Microplate Carrier, 3 positions (1×3), landscape, with fixed deck rails.
Plate nests can be remounted to allow alternatively 1 position landscape and 1 position portrait orientation
Used, tested and fully functional. The pictures shown are only exemplary.

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Can be converted to a low profile carrier (same as 10612624) by removing stand-offs and attaching nest directly to the bottom plate.
Second set of grid holes allows the carrier to be mounted further back on the deck to allow a hotel to placed in the front and still use the space below the X-rail. Mounting it further back also allows it to be placed behind the reader deck hole. In both these cases, site 1 is out of common machine range for the LiHa and not accessible by the MCA.
Can be used with 50ul and 200ul SBS box LiHa DiTis.

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