Tecan HydroSpeed

‘Overhauled and tested Tecan HydroSpeed ELISA washer for 96 well or 386 well microtiter plates for simultaneous washing of all wells.

Washing head versions available:
– 96HT washing head for simultaneous washing of a 96 well microtiter plate
– 384HT washing head for simultaneous washing of a 384 well microtiter plate
– 96-indexing washing head for flexible washing of 96 well and 384 well microtiter plates without exchanging the washing head, supports ELISA washing, extra-gentle cell washing and bead washing
– Anti-clogging function

The images shown are only examples. We have different configurations available in stock; please ask us for an offer.

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Tecan HydroSpeed

The Tecan HydroSpeed is one of the Tecan plate washers specifically developed for whole 96 and 384 well plates. It is therefore the ideal solution for washing cells, beads and ELISA assays with high throughput. As well as the Tecan HydroSpeed, the PowerWasher 96, PowerWasher 384 and the 96PW are also washers for whole plates.

The high-performance washers for 96 or 384 well microplates deliver high throughput and outstanding washing efficiency. By handling, for example, all the wells in a 96 well microtiter plate at the same time, the overall handling time is reduced significantly to just a few seconds. With their excellent washing performance and high degree of reliability, the high-performance washers are the ideal choice for research applications that require high throughput.


With a Tecan washer that has been refurbished and extensively overhauled by FORNAX TECHNOLOGIES, you are acting both sustainably and cost-effectively. By buying and reusing the tested and overhauled washers from FORNAX TECHNOLOGIES, which come with a guarantee, you are handling resources responsibly. So you will go easy on your budget and also protect the environment – Place your trust in RETEC!

We always have a large number of different configurations of the 96PW high-performance washer, PowerWasher 96, PowerWasher 384 and HydroSpeed in stock. Please use our contact form and tell us exactly what you need. We will be happy to prepare a customised offer for you.

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