Tecan Genesis

Tried and tested predecessor of the Tecan Freedom EVO Generation. Overhauled versions in various sizes and different configurations are available.

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Tecan Genesis series

The Genesis series is the tried and tested predecessor of the current Freedom EVO series from Tecan. It is also one of the most well-known and most reliable laboratory robot systems for automated liquid handling on the market. When regularly serviced and well maintained, this previous series is also characterised by high quality and reliable durability.

As well as providing overhauled equipment, FORNAX TECHNOLOGIES also performs maintenance and repair work for these older generation systems, which are no longer supported by the manufacturers.

Workstations from the Genesis series are available in three different sizes (100, 150, 200). Depending on the size, they can therefore be incorporated into the automation of a range of different devices from other providers.

The tried and tested Tecan Genesis series is also the basis for the FORNAX TECHNOLOGIES RIA workstation (CONEXT125). The RIA workstation is a flexible, automatic and open sample distribution and washing system for radioimmunoassays. Please click here for more information.


Application possibilities


  • Cleaning of nucleic acids
  • Quantification and normalisation of nucleic acids
  • Preparation of PCR reaction
  • Genotyping

Clinical diagnostics, veterinary medicine, food

  • Pooling
  • Universal sample distribution
  • Sample distribution and creation of pre-dilutions
  • Automated clinical ELISA tests


With a Tecan system that has been refurbished and extensively tested by FORNAX TECHNOLOGIES, you are acting both sustainably and cost-effectively. By buying and reusing the tested and overhauled systems from FORNAX TECHNOLOGIES, which come with a guarantee, you are handling resources responsibly. So you will go easy on your budget and also help to protect the environment – Place your trust in RETEC!

We always have a large number of different configurations and sizes of Genesis systems in stock. Please use our contact form and tell us exactly what you need. We will be happy to prepare a customised offer for you.

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