Tecan Te-VacS

Includes Vacuum Pump Control Tower and 4l waste bottle with liquid level sensor.
Requires Plate Base Vacuum block Te-VacS (10760920), Vacuum Blocks (10760624, 10760623, 10760626, 10760627, 10760902 or 10760903), and Spacers (10760663, 10760662, 10760661, 10760652, 10760664, 10760666, or 10760691) (not included).

Used, tested and fully functional. The pictures shown are only exemplary.

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Used and tested high performance vacuum separation module. Providing two seperate vacuum positions, with seperate vent lines per channel to prevent aerosol cross-contamination. The required accessories are also available. Can furthermore easily be integrated into Freedom EVO-systems.

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