Our team of experienced experts works closely together with you and offers first-class and reliable service for Tecan systems in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We keep our reaction times as short as possible and comply with manufacturer guidelines for maintenance and repair to ensure that your operations run smoothly and without interruption.

Service - Wartung


We offer maintenance work, including the necessary wear parts and QC documentation, in line with the manufacturer’s specifications and using their QC tools. For example, gravimetry tests with Mettler-Toledo precision scales – also for systems that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. All QC tools are certified by the manufacturer and the German Accreditation body (DakkS) and are inspected each year.
Our service is also certified by DEKRA as per ISO 9001:2015 and covers the following equipment among others:

  • Freedom EVO from Tecan
  • Freedom EVOlyzer from Tecan
  • Genesis Freedom and RMP from Tecan
  • Infinite Reader Series e.g. Infinite M1000, Sunrise from Tecan
  • Microplate Washer e.g. HydroFlex, Columbus from Tecan
  • ProfiBlot II N & 48, 48T from Tecan

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Service - Wartungsverträge

Maintenance contracts

As an alternative to on-demand maintenance, you can also plan your maintenance with our maintenance contracts that run for 12, 24 or 36 months and benefit from two visits from our specialists per year. Choose from three different packages to select the scope that best meets your needs:

  1. Contracts for annual maintenance in line with manufacturer specifications, including all wear parts.
  2. Alternatively, we offer customised maintenance contracts with use of wear parts as per the actual need and prior QC check.
  3. You can also secure our all-round package: a full service contract that, as well as maintenance, also contains repairs including all wear and replacement parts.

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Service - Reparaturen


We are of course available to perform repairs for you as required. Our trained and certified experts can provide fast and uncomplicated assistance. We are also very flexible and can come to your premises at short notice. In the event that extensive repairs are required that cannot be performed on site, we also offer you the option to borrow equipment so that your laboratory can continue to work as normal. When performing repairs, we naturally use QC tools from the manufacturer e.g. gravimetry tests with Mettler Toledo precision scales. All QC tools have been certified by the manufacturer or the German Accreditation Body (DakkS) and are inspected every year. We also offer our repair service for older generation systems that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. For example:

  • Freedom EVO from Tecan
  • Freedom EVOlyzer
  • Genesis Freedom and RMP from Tecan
  • Infinite Reader Series e.g. Infinite M1000, Sunrise from Tecan
  • Microplate Washer e.g. HydroFlex, Columbus from Tecan
  • ProfiBlot II N & 48, 48T from Tecan

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Service- Programmierung


FORNAX TECHNOLOGIES is your ideal contact when it comes to any kind of programming on Tecan Freedom EVO and Genesis systems. For example, adapting test kits and creating scripts or worklists on your system. Our automation experts will implement your requirements accordingly to deliver practical cost-effectiveness.
This includes adapting test kits from different manufacturers for COVID-19 testing, for example those from EUROIMMUN or VIROTECH and many more.
We also ensure that data is connected to your internal LIMS system, so that everything is 100 % networked. Just the way it should be.
FORNAX TECHNOLOGIES offers support with creating scripts for software from Tecan and other providers such as:

  • EVOware
  • EVOware Plus
  • Gemini
  • Visual Basic 6
  • Visual Basic .NET
  • C#
  • Logic

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your test with our automation specialists. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Umzüge, Transporte und Deinstallation

Relocation, transport, deinstallation

We are also your professional partner in the event of a laboratory being closed, relocation of equipment within a building or transfer of equipment to a new location. If requested, we can professionally store your equipment in our warehouse.

With the necessary specialist knowledge and care, we skilfully deinstall, carefully package and professionally protect the equipment using the manufacturer’s original transport safeguards. This ensures that your equipment is well-protected during transportation.

We will be happy to prepare a purchase offer if the deinstalled system is no longer required. If the equipment is to be brought back into operation in a new location, we will take care of the subsequent installation and recommissioning – also together with training for new users if required.

Ask us to prepare an offer and detailed overview of our services for you.

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Service - Ersatz- und Verschleißteile

Replacement and wear parts

Do you have a team of service technicians and independently perform small repairs or maintenance?

Alongside our extensive service offering, we are also happy to support you with the supply of replacement and wear parts. We provide new wear parts and replacement parts (REFU) that have been thoroughly tested in terms of sustainability and also go through our high-quality refurbishment process.

REFU replacement parts with a guarantee are naturally just as reliable as new parts but much better for your budget.

Get in touch with us via our contact form. We look forward to receiving your enquiry!

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Take advantage of the significant experience of our application specialists. We are happy to pass on our knowledge to you and your employees in our training programmes. Qualified training with the necessary specialist knowledge is incredibly important for using the systems and enabling users to perform the regular inspections required. It is a basic requirement for making the best use of the systems and ensuring long-lasting and reliable operation. We can deliver the training on your premises or you can come to us. Use our contact form for enquiries and further details.

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